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Newt began his artistic career in high school making jewelry. In college he explored other art forms but always came back to three dimensional art. He had a long career as a self-taught Master Jeweler making fine platinum and gold custom jewelry.

During his jewelry career he began teaching himself the hobby of making neon. His skills developed into an artistic sign company where he also taught himself metalworking skills. His sign company concentrated mostly on restaurants and nightclubs.

While in the sign business Newt took up the hobby of glassblowing. He hand built a small studio and the equipment and then taught himself how to blow glass. He now has a large studio in Scottsdale, Arizona creating art for residential and commercial clients.

Newt believes that "everything I have ever done in my life has led me to this point-to glassblowing". Every career he has ever had also involved fire!

When he blows glass, there is a flow about it-like a dance. He constantly amazes people by what he can do. His friends, customers and associates call him "Uomo Universale" - a Renaissance Man.

Newt thrives on challenges. He has vast engineering, electrical and mechanical skills. He is extremely well read. He has a love of nature and creating beauty, as evidenced by his chandeliers-which are his specialty.

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