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Newt Glass: Where excellence and integrity are part of everyday life....

Blown glass is a mesmerizing art form. As a hand blown glass artist, Newt Grover creates chandeliers, contemporary and architectural glass sculptures and wall flowers at his Scottsdale, Arizona art studio.

Art glass created by Newt expresses his love of challenges, of nature, and his accessible manner. His glass art is viewed and collected worldwide. He is an artist who truly loves his "work".

One of  Newt's specialties are his handcrafted blown glass chandeliers. Every glass chandelier he creates is specific to its environment and budget. Newt works in a large Art Glass Studio, and all his glass artwork is created in-house. You can purchase Newt Glass artwork to be shipped to your home or business anywhere in the United States. Depending upon the project, Newt would travel to install.

Newt Glass has clients throughout the USA.  Newt has crafted custom creations of glass-blown chandeliers and artwork for homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping and banquet venues, night clubs, medical offices, airports, estates, vacation homes and more. Chandeliers created by Newt are like jewelry for a home or business.

NEWT GLASS is a member of: the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau, Local First Arizona and the Arizona Small Business Association.

Proudly Made in the United States of America

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